Joining Speedinvest

This post originally appeared under the title “Inside Speedinvest: Why I Joined the Deep Tech Team” on February, 23rd 2020 at

I am stoked to report that I have joined the Speedinvest Deep Tech team as a principal to cover Germany.

Since Speedinvest is highly distributed with teams in Vienna, Munich, Berlin, London and San Francisco, and I will be remote for the most part, it seems only fitting to introduce myself via the blog — so here it goes:

I started programming as a kid and pretty much stayed in tech ever since. Even though I’d always introduce myself as a software developer, on paper I am a lawyer, but I’ll spare you the details on this little detour. During my law studies, it pulled me back into software development and I co-founded fruux, a German software company behind the sabre/dav open source technology, powering sync functionality in products, such as atmail, Box, Nextcloud, Posteo, ownCloud and many others.

After running a SaaS company for many years, I’ve spent time working on digital projects and taking care of technology investments & acquisitions with a member of the executive board at C.H.BECK, one of the major legal publishers in the DACH region. Before joining Speedinvest, I was also a member of the investment team at Target Partners, a leading early-stage tech VC.

Why Speedinvest?

The diverse and highly distributed team at Speedinvest allows me to stay on course with my thematic interests, and ‘go even earlier’ as investor. Not to mention, as a founder and software developer, the Speedinvest Deep Tech team is the perfect platform to find and support Europe’s most exciting tech companies. It’s a win-win!

Tech I like?

I am interested in everything from enterprise software, tools that help developers & ‘NoCoders’ build, test, deploy, secure and monitor software, all the way down to (mostly software-defined) infrastructure, as well as everything related to distributed & remote work.

Let’s connect!

To all the founders out there: If you are working on exciting tech, I’d love to talk.

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